Video Production for Fringe Arts 

The Brief 

To make a video about picture framing both captivating and interesting. How does someone who is literally uncontrollably giggly in front of the camera record a piece-to-camera that can be used as a monologue? Faced with these challenges, the days spent filming at Lyns workshop were both hilarious and challenging. From trying to conceptualise picture framing and training as a watchable video, through to filming glass fronted pictures that threw up reflections in just about every direction (thanks to our set lighting), this project received a creative makeover and lots of lavished attention.  

Our Approach 

Firstly, understand that picture framing is a highly skilled, meticulous and detailed process that requires passion, practice and incredible attention to detail. Then add in a CAD operated Gerty Gunnar cutter that retails for over £17,000. Finally, add an internationally recognised, award winning and unbelievably talented Lyn hall to the mix and we knew this video had to convey much more than just framing. Lyns personality is energetic, vibrant and incredibly creative, so our approach was to use creative shots and colour editing that showed past and present works, whilst delivering a practical and powerful message about what she does and who she is, and more importantly, how you can learn from her. This shoot required multiple cameras and real thought, and the resulting video production, as you can see, tells its own fabulous story.  
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Fringe Arts 


The Hogs Back, Seale, Farnham, Surrey 


“I was fortunate enough to meet Jack at a BNI meeting, Fleet. I say fortunate because apart from the fact that I found a new friend, he is blooming good at his job. I decided to take the leap into technology and have a video made of my business. When I say leap, it was more like an Olympic high jump. I had long recognised that you have to move with the times, but everything happens so fast these days and I hadn’t a clue. Therefore, when the video was made (which was really fun), it just made me realise the strength of the visual and spoken word. I am delighted with the finished result and thank Jack for all his hard and very creative presentation and total professionalism”. 
Lyn Hall - Fringe Arts. 


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