The Brief 

Kerry needed a video that was going to bring her classroom to life. As someone who is madly keen about her craft, the prospect of producing a video based around her photography skills was both exciting and challenging for us.  
Kerry needed to capture the emotion and energy that she generates when she teaches her students about how to get the best out of their cameras, and ultimately how to take beautful photographs. The onus was on the teaching and the natural chemistry that Kerry generates throughout the entire process.  

Our Approach 

Producing for a photographer who understands lighting, framing and how to capture a moment through the lens made this a very exciting project. Making sure Kerry was happy with the end result was a great challenge, and one that was essentially shot before we started. With a script in place that was pre-agreed, the intention was to have Kerry shoot a piece to camera and then overlay beautifully shot moments from her classroom that convey the message of exactly how she manages to educate people on the somewhat tricky task of getting the most from modern DSLR cameras. Kerry was nervous prior to the shoot because she is so used to being behind the lens, so extra care, time and thought went into the preparation for her monologue. The scenes captured in the classroom were then edited accordingly, and the end result gives the viewer a complete idea of what it means to book a session with Kerry J Photography.  


Kerry Harrison 


Surrey Hills  

Jack is a fantastic person to work with for a video for your business - he guided me throughout the whole process from start to finish and has produced an intro video that really shows off my Workshops in an engaging and dynamic way - exactly what I was after. For someone like me, who has never been filmed before, his endless patience and great sense of humour really helped too! His combination of techinical skills and people skills make him an easy person to work with - I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him. 
-Kerry Harrison. Owner.