2015 CORPORATE VIDEO FOR Mummas and Beans 

The Brief 

Babies! Never work with them! Unless they are at Mummas and Beans in which case you couldnt ask for a better bunch. The brief was to promote and advertise M&B's new location at SmithBrook Kilns in Cranleigh, and to show what kind of classes they run and how they run them. We wanted to get a little bit creative with it which Nicky embraced, and we also discussed how important testimonial video production is. Our brief then became an internet advertising commercial, testimonial videos and to make potential new customers see exactly how things are run.  

Our Approach 

Not an easy approach to this video production, given the potential for babies hollering and all manner of lighting from fairy lights to something that resembled a nightclub glitter ball (which the babies love)! We decided to shoot a mornings worth of classes from 2 - 3 cameras, giving us a mixture of baby / parent close ups, group shots and cutaways. The results speak for themselves. With careful colour balancing, attention to detail and lots of careful footwork in amongst the precious cargo, the video ended up being exactly what the client wanted. We shot the testimonial videos from all manner of angles to mix them up, and again, were delighted with our clients comments.  


Mummas and Beans 


Cranleigh, Surrey 

JT JT JT!!!!! Luuuuuurrrrvvvvvveeeee it!!!! Totally fantastic!!! You got everything we wanted, social, sensory, all of it! You really are rather amazing!!!!! Thanks!! 
- Nicky Woodhatch, Owner.