Franchise Video Production for Oven Rescue - Surrey 

The Video Production Brief 

Simon Piddock owns Oven Rescue Surrey and provides a truly first class service. Simon wanted to show potential new clients how he worked, what was involved in the process of Oven Rescue and how conscientious he is when it comes to maintaining a spotless kitchen environment in your home. Bringing an oven clean to life was possible by ascertaining the steps Simon takes to ensure his work is perfect, and then by using clever split screen editing in the video production we showed the maximum amount of information to video viewers in the minimum time possible - without it feeling rushed.  

Our Approach to this Commercial Video Production 

The original concept of how to shoot this video commercial came about during the initial meeting with Simon. Clearly the 'before' and 'after' aspects would be key to conveying the detailed approach that Simon takes in his fastidious approach to cleaning ovens. However how would a video production that showed Simon cleaning an oven be interesting enough to deliver a message and maintain a viewers attention? The answer was in split screen editing, a neat little soundtrack and plenty of attention to detail from start to finish. Simon was so impressed that he showed the franchise owner, and he has since hired Jack Taylor Productions to produce a further 2 videos and thats just for starters!  

The Client  

Oven Rescue - Surrey 

Video Production Location 

Surrey Hills 


"Having now watched the video several times I can honestly say I am blown away. The clip captures everything I wanted to get across to future clients. The quality is amazing and it just flows so well, absolutely love the split screen shots. The sound track fits perfectly". 
Simon Piddock.