The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, Surrey, provide palliative care and support to an enormous number of people, both patients and families. The misconception that the hospice is somewhere that people simply go to die was the main brief for this pro-bono production. Having been challenged to come up with something creative and thought provoking, but with little in the way of a brief, this video production represents one of the tougher challenges to date, on many levels with a result that we are told, is stunning. 

The Brief 

From the initial meeting with the PTH team right up until we released the video (and even beyond), an amazing story unfolded that really did serve to educate and correct misconceptions on so many levels. The brief was basically non-existent, so the chance to get creative and emotional was taken with both hands. Gradually the idea of a father - daughter back to back interview took place, and with some careful editing, a huge amount of constant consideration and an occasionally overwhelmed film set the video came together. This video production touches on so many emotional points, for an enormous array of people that includes in-patients, out-patients and the families and friends who are affected by illness and the support that the hospice provides.  
This was a privilege to produce and getting to know the lovely Hanna and her amazing father John was both humbling yet empowering. As their story unfolded, originally from Hanna on a rainy January day over Starbucks coffee, the power of their rollercoaster journey became the sole focus of the team. Bringing their tale to life, whilst showcasing and blending in just some of the incredible facilities at the hospice was a project that became much bigger and more important than any of us had originally imagined.  


Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice 


Farnham, Surrey 


“Working with Jack was a real pleasure. Capturing the emotion of the difference we make to people’s lives and showing what we do in around 3 minutes was always going to be a challenge. I think Jack’s surprise at what we actually did, fuelled his passion to create a message to others who perhaps also misunderstood our work. Combining emotional storytelling, a sympathetic soundtrack and images of our care, he has delivered a powerful and great result!” 
Tony Carpenter - Head of Marketing & Communications.