Eye-catching video enhances your footfall.  

The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Be uplifted by your promo! Show it off to your friends and get them to share it too. The power of video is incredible - so eye catching, beautifully edited work will bring new clients to your business. Its a proven fact. Inferno Fitness had nearly 5000 views over one weekend after we released their promo to them. Our results give you results.  
From shooting at international events gigs in almost pitch black (a real technical challenge) and avoiding fleeing office workers being scared to death by zombies underneath London Waterloo Station through to working within the hallowed moments of a cherished and beautiful marriage, we get the shots and quite often you'll not even know we were there.  
Delighted clients meant delightful results for everyone. 

Corporate Video 

Video should be available to everyone. We shoot on a range of budgets from low cost one day shoots through to multi week overseas stays. Our corporate work has included filming documentary in Kenya through to promo footage in London.  

Wedding Video 

Its an absolute passion. Shooting at a wedding demands so much finesse, as low a profile as possible, great prep work and an understanding of who to capture on film for the big day. Weddings are so special, and producing them on film is an honour. 
video production in hants

Product Video 

Jack Taylor Productions are on hand to deliver first class media that shows off what you do and how you do it. Video production is such a wonderful way to show off your wares, describe your services and advertise to your client base.  
video production in surrey

Homepage Video 

Looking for an attractive 60-90 second video for the website homepage? Want to deliver several messages at once whilst retaining those on-line clients and increasing the stickiness of your website (that leads to more sales and better customer relationships)? We will do it.  
video production in hampshire

Charity Events Video 

We are hugely proud to give something back to the community. The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, Surrey, have benefited from pro-bono video production plus fund raising for the 2015 skydive and other events. Watch this space to see a frightened face jumping from 13,000 ft.  
video production Surrey

Corporate Messages 

We will deliver your corporate messages, be it through your HR team or straight from your MD or CEO. We delight in working at all levels with all kinds of personnel and our key is listening and actioning your brief, whilst suggesting ideas to maximise your time.