Bringing your company to life with video is confidence inspiring for clients, highly attractive, incredibly powerful for conveying a message and outstanding for SEO increase! 
Great video production is an exciting time and heralds a company moving forwards, increasing sales, increasing information sharing and above all it encourages potential customers to deal with you.  
Producing video is our absolute passion. Angles, lighting, sound, creativity, detail, effects and edits – we thoroughly enjoy all aspects of all of our projects.  
We know how to convey emotion, information, energy, knowledge and above all we make your video work to your specification. Work with us - we are proven! 
Video Production in Surrey

The Process 

Quite often our clients will know that they want video, but they wont know how to create their ideas. They may understand the requirement that the digital market places upon having video, and they understand that its essential, but they cant be sure as to how to get their message across.  
We also work with clients who know exactly what they want and have great ideas. Either way, we sit down and take the time to help and advise whether it be for a client who has a fear of being filmed (a speciality - check the testimonial page and relax, youre in good hands) or for a team who know the ins and outs of what they want. Communication and listening are key strengths we excel at.  
Once we have some ideas outlined, we will create a shot guide and show you exactly how things will be filmed. From there we work hand in hand with you to get the shots you want, whilst making sure you get the look you need. With infectious enthusiasm balanced by a very professional approach, you can be assured that video production with JTP is as enjoyable as it is successful.  

Creating the Video 

Your video will be shot on BBC Approved for Broadcast HD cameras. We can shoot in any technical style and major frame rate so that you get the look you want. 

Sound Production 

Music is added, sound can be mastered (we use Sennheiser radio mics and Rode microphones exclusively) and sound effects layered in. Its all a part of the process. 

Edits and Delivery 

After the initial edit we send you the video, and where you want any changes made, we follow your instruction and then upon completion give you the master copy.