Utilising our expertise, passion and understanding of weddings, we have developed an interesting and creative approach to wedding video production. 
Your wedding has taken much time, planning and money to arrange and there simply isn't anything that's acceptable other then perfection. Speaking from the heart, a wedding day is unique. It's something that you'll cherish forever, inwardly smile about for years to come and the day itself is a wonderful celebration of love and joy. Having a wedding video has got to be the ultimate way of capturing who was there, what was said, how everyone looked and ultimately how it felt to be a part of your wedding. Wedding videography is as close to my heart as any of my work, we absolutely love it and it is an honour to quietly capture a loving couples marriage for their pleasure, forever.  

Wedding Video should be beautiful. 

The elegance and romance, the nervous glances of the bridesmaids, the smiles and laughter of the congregation, the gentle clink of champagne flutes - these wonderful moments can be preserved forever with wedding video. Photography is a lovely thing and of course as much a part of a wedding day as anything, but watching your day unfold in a month, a year or 50 years is priceless. The voices and the smiles alone are worth a thousand snaps, and capturing the vows as a part of the final edit is one of our specialities.  

Wedding Video should be smoothly and quietly recorded. 

If the thought of having a videographer makes you feel a little nervous, you can relax. Firstly we are almost always told 'we didnt know you were there' which is what we aim for, and secondly our equipment is designed to be low profile to minimise our presence.  
We shoot discreetly, professionally and carefully so you can enjoy your day without thinking about anything other than enjoying yourselves. We always meet our bride or groom prior to the big day so that when its showtime, we are in the right position doing the right thing to get the perfect shots.  

Wedding Video is our passion.  

It's as simple as that. Shooting a day that is so big, so beautiful and most of all, so meaningful denotes a requirement for attention to detail, a passion to deliver and true expertise in the editing hours. Nothing else but perfection is what you should expect because that is what we will deliver.